Brief Descriptions of Pearlescent Flame Classes

  1. History:  This class introduces some of the key teachings of important masters and metaphysicians.  It also explores the development of human consciousness throughout the ages.
  1. How Things Work:  Learn the grand scale of how things work in the universe explore the path your soul took to get you where you are today.
  1. Energy:  Gain insights about how energy flows in the world, in the body, and how this energy flow affects what we manifest for ourselves and others.
  1. Esoteric Energy:  Explore the secret ways mystics and shamans work with energy to promote healing and shift consciousness.
  1. Communication:  Discover ways to better communicate with people from all walks of life and improve the way you communicate with yourself and with Source.
  1. Beginning Your Work:  Learn tips for succeeding in this program and in all other endeavors you encounter. 
  1. Meditation:  Learn about various types of meditation and how to begin or enhance your meditation practice.  Discover how to deepen your practice and strengthen your connection to Source. 
  1. Chakras:  Deepen your knowledge of the body’s energy centers.  Learn how to work with them so that they are clear, open, strong, and aligned. 
  1. Auras:  Learn how to work with and sense auras as you explore various ways to repair, reposition, and strengthen them.
  1.  Sacred Geometry I:  Learn about the different vibrations of geometric shapes and how certain shapes, when layered with color and placed in the aura, can promote healing and personal growth.
  1. Soul:  Explore the archaeology of the soul as you discover how souls are created, what types of agreements or contracts they make, and where they go when we die.
  1. Healing Journey:  Healing is a process or journey that follows a wave-like pattern of peaks and valleys as one moves through the various layers of dis-ease.  In order to be an effective healer for others, it is important to focus on personal healing issues.
  1. Heart:  It is said that the longest journey one can take is from the head to the heart.  Learn to connect with and work from your heart as you clear the painful, negative, repressed issues that block your ability to love unconditionally.
  1. Emotions:  Do you control your emotions or do they control you?  Learn powerful techniques to facilitate a healthy, mature emotional body in yourself and others as you explore the energy of emotions.
  1.  Relationships:  Learn to identify the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy relationships.  Discover how you can improve your relationship with yourself, others, your mate, and God.
  1. Gratitude:  An attitude of gratitude plays an essential role in healing and manifesting.  Learn methods to strengthen the energy of gratitude in your life.
  1. Service:  Discover the grace that comes with being of service to others and ultimately to God.  Learn how to bring service work into everything you do.
  1. Brain/Mind:  Expand the power of your brain and use your mind to tap into universal information with a variety of exercises and energy techniques from various traditions.
  1.  Learning:  Explore various learning styles and examine the different types of intelligences.  Learn how to learn in a way that brings in greater amounts of light.
  1. Diversity:  Starr spent years traveling around the world learning healing techniques from shamans of various cultures.  Enhance your life’s work as you learn from Starr how to weave a rich combination of diverse energies into all that you do.
  1. Health:  In learning to be a healer, it is important to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually centered.  Discover how to create a more centered lifestyle and how this lifestyle can raise one’s vibration, bring more light into the body, and help prevent disease.
  1. Organs:  Each organ in the body represents an aspect of life.  Learn the energies that correspond to each organ in various healing traditions and discover how to shift organs from a state of disease to one of health as you learn some effective healing techniques.
  1.  Systems:  Each body system represents an aspect of life.  Learn about the thoughts and patterns that affect the various systems of the body and how to bring vitality to them.
  1. Meridians:  Learn about the meridian system that carries chi (energy) through the body.  Discover ways to strengthen and balance the meridian system.
  1. DNA:  Learn about healing methods for genetic anomalies in DNA and about the 12-strand DNA system and how to activate it.
  1. Past Lives:  Discover how previous lifetimes affect the present lifetime.  Learn to tap into information about past lives and how to heal traumatic events from previous lifetimes.
  1. Karma:  We all come into this life with karma resulting from past lives.  Learn how to recognize when karma is at play in your life and the lives of others, and how to diminish karma.
  1. Subtle Bodies:  The seven subtle bodies include the physical, emotional, mental, astral, causal, etheric, and ketheric bodies.  Learn to work with and strengthen these bodies so that they are in proper energetic alignment with one’s purpose.
  1. Planes:  Learn how to identify, navigate, and explore the physical, astral, and spiritual planes of existence.
  1. The Earth:  What purpose does the Earth serve in the grand scheme of the Universe?  Learn how to contribute to Earth’s consciousness and connect to it.
  1. The World:  Explore with Starr the various levels of consciousness and paths that make up the world as you know it and the world as others know it.
  1. Default Choices:  Step into your power as you learn to recognize the difference between powerful, active, authentic choices and weak choices based on inaccurate, irrelevant belief systems that no longer serve your life purpose.
  1. Our Stuff:  This lesson focuses on the ways to identify and clear patterns and issues that weigh us down and keep us from our purpose.  In learning to deal with our own “stuff,” we are better able to help others deal with theirs.
  1. Ego:  Explore the stages of ego development and maturation along the spiritual path.  Learn processes to help loosen the bonds of ego and discover what appropriate ego is.
  1. Self:  Explore dreams and deeper expressions of the self as Starr guides you on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness.
  1. Practice: Discover the profound growth that can come with daily practice and receive guidance for creating a practice that best fits your needs and your purpose.
  1. Guides and Angels:  Learn about the roles spirit guides and angels play in our lives and how we can better connect with them and receive their loving wisdom and support.
  1. Self Inquiry:  Find out what makes you tick and what pushes your buttons so that you can make more empowered choices in your life.  By knowing these things about yourself, you will be more effective in working with others.
  1. The Environment and You:  Discover how elements in the environment give information about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states.  Learn how to shift the energy of an environment to better support you and others.
  1. Skills:  Discover techniques, processes, and distinctions that build your skills at the physical, motional, mental, and spiritual levels.
  1. Confusion/Overwhelm:  People often block their psychic senses because they become overwhelmed by the information that comes through or they get confused because an old belief system interferes with a new belief system.  Starr explains this phenomenon and teaches valuable methods for dealing with confusion and overwhelm.
  1. Values:  As you value something, your intention is multiplied ten fold.  Gain insights with Starr about what you value and how it affects your life.
  1. Integrity:  Review with Starr the many aspects of integrity.  Learn the importance of keeping your agreements to yourself and to others and how, by keeping these agreements, you create space for more light to come into your life.
  1. Procrastination:  What are you avoiding and how is it keeping you off purpose?  Learn how to break through the paralyzation of procrastination and step into your power.
  1. Distractions:  What distracts you from moving forward in life?  Learn to improve your focus and strengthen your commitment to your purpose as you learn to appropriately prioritize the various aspects of your life.
  1. Vices:  Addictions come in all shapes and sizes.  Learn to recognize addictions in yourself and others and discover how to clear these addictions once and for all.
  1. Community:  Explore powerful ways to connect with, transform, and heal your community to help raise the vibration of the planet.
  1. Healing Techniques:  Starr introduces powerful healing techniques from Shamanic healing traditions around the world.
  1. A Centered Life:  Examine ways to become more vital and centered so that you can pull more energy and light through your body and flow more quickly, gently, and easily through life.
  1. Working with Groups:  Discover the energetic secrets of group dynamics and learn how to use this energy to better facilitate group activities.
  1. Dimensions:  In the Curandero tradition there are 144 dimensions of reality in which accepted physical plane laws no longer exist.  Take an exciting journey with Starr through 52 of these dimensions.
  1. Universal Laws:  Starr reviews one-hundred-and-four Universal Laws and focuses on eleven of the most important ones.  When we live by these laws, our lives flow with Spirit and we are better able to fulfill our life purpose.   
  1. Purpose:  Are you on the right track?  Learn about choices the soul makes each incarnation and discover processes to help put you in touch with what you came here to do this lifetime.
  1. Source:  Become a true sorcerer as you discover ways to expand your connection to God, the Creator, Source of all.
  1. Advanced Energy:  Now that you have become comfortable learning about and working with energy, it is time to raise the bar.  Increase your skills with more advanced energy techniques from various traditions.
  1. Day School:  Do you learn things the hard way with frequent, difficult lessons about how not to be? Learn about how the universe teaches us during our waking hours and how we can flow through these teachings with grace and ease.
  1. Night School:  For many of us the learning process continues while we are sleeping.  Discover how to consciously tap into this learning so that you consciously remember what the unconscious mind learned during the night.
  1. Divinatory Tools:  Learn how to receive and interpret messages from higher realms using a variety of material plane divinatory tools such as tarot cards, runes, pendulums, etc.
  1. Psychic Tools:  Learn how to co-create with Source using powerful non-material plane psychic tools.
  1. Astral Plane:  All possibilities exist on the astral plane.  Learn about traveling to the astral plane and accessing these possibilities.
  1. The Other Planes:  Learn how to access the higher spiritual planes and how to trust the messages you receive there.
  1. Clarity:  Clear intentions and clear energy are necessary attributes for healers. Gain insights about how to achieve inner clarity and outer clarity so you can serve as a stronger conduit for Source.
  1. Being:  Do you spend most of your time be-ing or do-ing?   Learn how to spend more of your life be-ing so that you can strengthen your connection to Source and bring in more light.
  1. Play as Work:  Do you take yourself too seriously?  Let Starr teach you how to lighten up and play more in your life so that you can allow more space for Source to come through.
  1. Tantra I:  Your relationship with your significant other mirrors your relationship with God.  Starr teaches how to intimately deepen both types of relationship.
  1. Emotional Energy Centers of the Body:  We hold our emotions in different parts of the body.  Learn what we hold where and how to clear it.
  1. Sacred Geometry II:  Learn more advanced ways of working with the energies of complex shapes and colors for the purpose of healing and personal growth.
  1. Quantum Physics:  Experience this newly developing field of science and discover evidence that supports what the Curanderos and shamans have said all along:  that our thoughts create our reality.
  1. Manifestation:  Learn how to co-create with Source as you discover secrets for manifesting what you need and want in your life.
  1. Flow/Connection:  Learn ways to increase the flow of Source in your life.  When we are grounded, connected, and centered in the present moment, we are better able to act as a conduit for Source to flow through us and create miracles. 
  1. Religion/Spirituality:  Explore the difference between religion and spirituality as you come to terms with the role religion has played in your life up until now and determine if your religious beliefs continue to serve you on your spiritual path.
  1. Traditions:  Starr spent many years studying with powerful masters and shamans of various traditions in South America, Mexico, Africa, India, China, Korea, and Europe.  Learn some of these spiritual healing traditions and discover the common thread that links them all.
  1. Sacred Places:  Explore with Starr the history of powerful sacred places around the globe.  Learn how to tap into their power by connecting to the energy they hold.
  1. Shamanism:  Explore totem animals, soul retrieval, shamanic journeying, and other topics with Starr as she shares the teachings from several of the traditions in which she was trained.
  1. Kabala:  Learn to bring more light into your body as you explore the teachings of Jewish Mysticism and the tree of life.
  1. Points:  Learn about various points on the body that, when stimulated, promote healing throughout the body.
  1. Spine:  Learn different ways to work with the spine to promote healing at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.
  1. Teeth: The energy of the teeth corresponds to various sense organs, joints, vertebrae, organs, and glands.  Learn these correspondences and discover techniques to work with the teeth to facilitate healing throughout the body.
  1. Reflexology:  The feet contain many points that correspond to the spine and organs of the body.  Learn to identify and work with these points to affect the flow of energy throughout the body.
  1. Deeper Personal Work:  Delve deeper into your own core issues to become a greater channel for light and healing.
  1. Spiritual Health:  Receive tools to strengthen your spiritual body and maintain a strong, consistent connection to Source.
  1.  Integration:  In times of stress and trauma, aspects of the self can become fragmented; this weakens the entire system.  Learn how to integrate these parts for yourself and how to facilitate the integration process for others.
  1. Shadow:  We all have a shadow side.  Learn to recognize your shadow and tap into its gifts without letting it take over your life.   
  1. Raising Your Vibrations:  Learn how to strengthen your aura and raise your vibrations to a higher frequency so that more light can flow through you and more miracles can occur in your life.
  1. Empowerment:  Have you fully stepped into your power or are you hiding it from yourself and others?  Starr teaches how to let go of erroneous belief systems and patterns that diminish your power and conceal your light.   
  1. Teachers/Gurus:  Starr has had a great deal of experience with many different teachers and gurus.  Discover what she learned from her experiences and gain insights about what to look for and what to avoid in a spiritual teacher.


  1. Intermediate Healing:  Add new techniques to your healing repertoire as you learn additional ways to work with energy.
  1. Emotions and Organs:  Explore the relationship between emotions and the organs as you learn about the core issues of disease.


  1. Herbs and Oils:  Learn the most effective ways to work with herbal remedies and essential oils and discover how to emanate their vibration even when the substance is not readily available.
  1. Homeopathy and Naturopathy:  Explore these healing modalities with Starr and learn how to discern which remedies will work best for you and for others.


  1. Animal Healing:  Animals often take on the diseases and issues of their humans.  Learn how to recognize when it is appropriate to do a healing on an animal and explore the most effective techniques for working with them.
  1. Practical Healing:  Learn healing techniques that can be done anywhere, any time, without the use of a massage table.


  1. Advanced Healing:  Enhance your healing repertoire with these advanced techniques for more powerful healing sessions.
  1. Speaking:  Learn to speak from a position of power as you discover how to better connect with your listeners and improve your speaking skills with several effective energy techniques.
  1. Teaching:  Learn how to assess the needs of your students and communicate with them effectively at the conscious and subconscious levels.
  1. Tantra II:  Enhance your relationship with your significant other and strengthen your connection to Source with these more advanced tantra techniques.
  1. Entities/Ghosts:  Learn to sense when entities or ghosts are attached to a person or place and explore methods for escorting them over to the other side.
  1. Parallel Universe:  Learn about parallel universes and discover how to connect with them in order to manifest what you desire in this universe.
  1. God Forms:  A God Form represents a group or population in need of healing. Learn how to connect with a God Form and facilitate its healing.

100.Pelestration:  Pelestration is the process of creating space for more light to enter the body by        connecting various types of information.  Learn how to better make these connections so that you can hold more light.

101. High Magics:  High Magic refers to magic done in alignment with Source without the use of physical tools.  In this lesson Starr shares High Magic techniques.

102. Levitation:  Levitation occurs when one is tuned in to a specific dimension.  Learn about the process of preparing yourself to access this dimension where our accepted physical plane laws cease to exist.

103. Teleportation:  Teleportation occurs when one is tuned in to a specific dimension.  Learn about the process of preparing yourself to access this dimension where our accepted physical plane laws cease to exist.

104: Miracles:  A Course in Miracles teaches that miracles are our birthright.           Discover how to align yourself with the universe so that you can access miracles           on a regular basis.


Mastery:   Discover the difference between mastering a subject and being a master.  Learn the steps you must take to move into your own mastery.

Divine:  Explore with Starr the nature of true enlightenment as you discover that all human actions and relationships are driven by our desire to ultimately be more consciously connected to the Divine.